At Hard Rock Scaffolding Ltd, we provide leading class commercial scaffolding for businesses across the UK.
A lot of commercial projects will be located near busy public areas and so we will make it a priority to cause minimal disruption and find ways to ensure the location is accessible throughout the project. We work closely with the clients to ensure that all needs are met and can customise our scaffolding to suit each job. 

If the location is busy and in constant use, for example a school, we can accommodate working evenings and weekends to make sure that the project goes is as swift as possible. We will ensure your specific health and safety requirements can be accommodated.
The team are well adept to working on locations that are in constant use and keep disruption to a minimum. Two of our past clients include Edinburgh Airport and East Midlands Airport.

Before a project begins, we will consult with you to establish your needs and visit the site. Our team can design and plan the scaffolding that will be done, keeping in mind your budget.
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